KGD 700 – EH/SA

Electro-Hydraulic Log Winch - KGD 700-EH/SA

The professional winch of Königswieser with electro-hydraulic control and maximum stability. The holding power of the brake prevents overtravel of the rope. The pressure of the 3-disc clutch is hydraulically via an annular cylinder and provides overload protection. The Königswieser radio with 7.0 ton winch pulling force is equipped with a continuously adjustable cable brake and standard with the automatic rope emissions. Thus, the subsequent rolling of the drum is prevented. 

The lateral 'Gitterverbau' steel struts mounted to the cable inlet and the reinforced frame increase stability. The increased drive chain ensures maximum power transfer.



Pulling Force - max

7.0 ton 15'400 lbs

Pulling Force - min

3.7 ton 8'160 lbs

Average Cablespeed

0.6 m/s 2.0 ft/s

Cable capacity


Ø 8 mm

Ø 5/16 "

340 m 1'100 ft

Ø 9 mm

Ø 23/64 "

260 m 850 ft

Ø 10 mm

Ø 25/64 "

220 m 720 ft

Ø 11 mm

Ø 7/16 "

170 m 550 ft

Ø 12 mm

Ø 15/32 "

140 m 460 ft

Ø 13 mm

Ø 33/64 "

120 m 390 ft

automatic cable
outfeed (SA)


without cable

728 kg 1'650 lbs
Width 2'000 mm 78.7 "
Height 2'300 mm

90.6 "


of 3-point Mounting


Tractor power

75 PS 75 HP
Log Winch KGD 700-EH/SA - Electro-Hydraulic
Log Winch KGD 700-EH/SA - Electro-Hydraulic


Standard configuration includes the autonomous hydraulic unit, self-adjusting/maintenance free 3-disc clutch system, 2nd drive reduction for smoother pulling, lower cable infeed for safer and easier pulling, tow-bar, heavy-duty protection guards for drivers safety and tractor protection.


Fully comply with the Austrian forest machinery safety regulations ÖNORM L 5276, designed and built according to CE-standards and delivered with the declaration of CE conformity.


3 years warranty