KGD 650 - EH/SA

Electro-Hydraulic Log Winch - KGD 650-EH and KGD 650-EH/SA

The electro-hydraulic winch with compact, adjustable three-point hitch, hydraulic self-sufficiency and optional cable brake is designed for tractors from 60 hp.

Particularly suitable for heavy loads and skidding of logs for longer rope layers on steep terrain. A large diameter gear on the clutch disc reduces the load on the chain of the KGD 650. The frame is made from high quality steel and ensures the grid structure steel struts for the stability required!

The remote control is a prerequisite for efficient one-man job and contributes to safety at work.


Pulling Force - max

6.5 ton 14'300 lbs

Pulling Force - min

4.1 ton 9'050 lbs

Average Cablespeed

0.6 m/s 2.0 ft/s

Cable capacity


Ø 8 mm

Ø 5/16 "

200 m 650 ft

Ø 9 mm

Ø 23/64 "

170 m 550 ft

Ø 10 mm

Ø 25/64 "

125 m 400 ft

Ø 11 mm

Ø 7/16 "

100 m 330 ft

Ø 12 mm

Ø 15/32 "

90 m 300 ft
automatic cable
outfeed (SA)

without cable

460 kg 1'014 lbs
Width 1'700 mm 66.9 "
Height 2'300 mm

90.6 "


of 3-point Mounting

I + II I + II

Tractor power

60 PS 60 HP
Log Winch KGD 650-EH - Electro-Hydraulic
Log Winch KGD 650-EH - Electro-Hydraulic


Standard configuration includes the autonomous hydraulic unit, self-adjusting/maintenance free clutch system, 2'nd drive reduction for higher pulling force with the same tractor power, lower cable infeed for safer and easier pulling, tow-bar, heavy-duty protection guards for drivers safety and tractor protection.


Fully comply with the Austrian forest machinery safety regulations ÖNORM L 5276, designed and build according CE-standards and delivered with the declaration of CE conformity.


3 years warranty