KGD 550

Manual Log Winch - KGD 550

The Königswieser winch KGD 550 for tractors up to 70 hp with a large drum diameter and the reduction gear provides optimum traction conditions! By the down drive the load is applied slowly and it will generate more power with less tractor power. The loading position of the rope for a guaranteed perfect in every winding rope length. Ideal for thinning and shifting of heavy wood. The forestry winch with 5.5 tons pulling force is considered the entry level for professional skidding. Hardened sprockets, drive chain and an enhanced solid steel struts, and much more guarantee the highest quality!

Of course our winches are powder coated inside and outside.


Pulling Force - max

5.5 ton  12'125 lbs

Pulling Force - min

3.3 ton 7'275 lbs

Average Cablespeed

0.6 m/s  2.0 ft/s

Cable capacity


Ø 8 mm

Ø 5/16 "

160 m 540 ft

Ø 9 mm

Ø 23/64 "

135 m 450 ft

Ø 10 mm

Ø 25/64 "

100 m 325 ft

Ø 11 mm

Ø 7/16 "

80 m 265 ft

Ø 12 mm

Ø 15/32 "

70 m 230 ft


without cable

396 kg  873 lbs
Width 1'500 mm 59.1 "
Height 2'300 mm 90.6 "


of 3-point Mounting

I + II  I + II

Tractor power

50 PS 50 HP
Log Winch KGD 550 - manual
Log Winch KGD 550 - manual


Standard configuration includes the 2'nd drive reduction for higher pulling force with the same tractor power, lower cable infeed for safer and easier pulling, tow-bar, deadman-safety brake system, heavy-duty protection guards for drivers safety and tractor protection.


Fully comply with the Austrian forest machinery safety regulations ÖNORM L 5276, designed and build according CE-standards and delivered with the declaration of CE conformity.


3 years warranty