The Königswieser History


Königswieser Maschinenbau (kmb) was established by Friedrich Königswieser and Mr Ebner.
The core competence was from beginning design and production of log winches. Especially the expertise in engineering brought the company great success and then the name Königswieser established itself in forestry machinery industry



Günter Königswieser (Senior) - Son of company founder Friedrich Königswieser - proceeds with the log winches tradition


The KGD log winch series was developed and successfully introduced into the market. The Brand KGD - Königswieser Günter Design - is born


The 3rd Generation with Günter Königswieser Junior takes over the management of Königswieser Gerätetechnik GmbH

2006 The KGD ECO winches models are introduced - especially developped for the growing OEM market

The winch assembly and warehouse in the Bad Wimsbach plant are further expanded - 100% of the winches come out of the factory in Austria / Bad Wimsbach


The company further expanded and moved to a new assembly plant


Königswieser Gerätetechnik GmbH

Au 52

4654 Bad Wimsbach

    Österreich / Austria

Tel +43 (0) 7245 25358
Fax +43 (0) 7245 25358-14